Mayor of Woodside

Michael Warren has been Mayor of Woodside for the past ten years, along with serving as Treasurer of Woodside for over twelve years.  He was re-elected as Mayor in March 2017 and has not been challenged for the position since then.  He is accessible to all the town residents via his personal cell phone number of 302-531-6883 or email  at or via the town email address at  Michael Warren is also the contact person for renting out the Woodside Town Hall for private events.

The duties of the Woodside Mayor are numerous, although his main duty is to serve as the head of the Town government and  have general superintendence of all municipal affairs.  The Mayor is the contact person to receive complaints of nuisances and all complaints of violation of laws or ordinances. He must present these complaints to the Council at its first meeting thereafter, for action by the Council.  The Mayor has the same right as other officers and council members to vote on all matters and may at any time appoint another officer or council member to preside, if he desires to make a motion, move the adoption of a resolution or debate any question from the floor and may thereafter immediately resume his duties as presiding officer.   All members of the Town Council, including the Mayor, all are volunteers, working together to govern their town.