Safety: Resources for Monitoring Crime


  Woodside’s crime rate is very low.  For an area of .2 square miles, with approximately 181 residents, our town is very quiet and peaceful.  

    If you wish to monitor crime in your area, there is an online site called that can be used.  Crimes around a particular address will be reported to you by using this app.  Alerts will be sent to your email whenever a crime is committed in the area that you have selected.  This application will also provide a weekly report on what crimes, if any, have been committed in your area.

         You may also receive press releases from the Delaware State Police on any events or crimes that are occurring in Delaware.  This also includes traffic accidents and delays.  The Delaware State Police will often  ask for assistance from the public in locating suspects or warning the public of any criminal activity that may be occurring.  Each week, a notification list of homeless people or sex offenders who are released from the prison system are published, so the public may be aware of those individuals who may be living in your area.  The Delaware State Police Public Information Office is currently utilizing to send and archive press releases for everyone to view.   Please follow the  steps below to subscribe to the Delaware State Police

1. Type in your browser.
2. Once in, type the email address where you would like to get the press releases.
3. Click on Follow.
4. You should receive a confirmation email.
5. Click confirm.
6. Under management of, click on “Delaware State Police” and ensure immediate is showing.
7. You will receive another email to confirm you are receiving the Delaware State Police press releases.